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New Year - New regulations - SaloxCom

New Year – New regulations

Year 2018 started. For wireless communication, the most essential topic are the available frequencies. In Finland regulation area, couple topics to be highlighted, when a new year starts:

  • Regulation 15 AM/2107 M will be updated. It contains regulations about license-free radio frequencies and has been on review round: Link
    • Approval of regulation is expected in a near future (Update: Requlation approved 3-Jan: Link )
    • For example, range 5875-5905 MHz will be free for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). For this frequency band, 802.11p standard devices are available already. Also LTE V2X standard TDD band 47 could operate in these frequencies. However, it shall be noted, that band 47 frequencies 5855-5875MHz and 5905-5925MHz are being excluded from license free operation. Saloxcom has readiness to support field trials with 802.11p devices currently.
  • Possibility for trial permissions in other frequencies also: Link
  • 3400-3800 MHz started the last year with Wimax allocation. In the end of year 2018, this band will be allocated to cellular technologies.

ITS OBU (On Board Unit)