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Office with celllular connections - case Huuhka Oy - SaloxCom

Office with celllular connections – case Huuhka Oy

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Metalliasennus Huuhka Oy is a company designing and manufacturing high quality interiors. Focus on shipbuilding industry. Company design-, management- and manufacturing premises locate in a rural area in Sauvo, Southern Finland. There is no fiber connection availability and company connections have been relying in DSL and cellular technologies. In the office having tens of employees the slowness of the network and even short Internet outage have been a regular issue.

Saloxcom measured the performance and latency of the network and connections. It was clear the latency increased as a function of traffic load due to limited 4G capacity in area. The 1st solution using load balancing was not seen robust enough, because of lack of dynamic enough routing based on connection latency. With the Peplink bandwidth bonding the needed reliability was reached. The virtual server provided by Saloxcom using Speedfusion technology, created a connection point for the bonded 4G cellular connections. End users saw the solution as a one reliable and fast enough connection. Aku Välke, the IT responsible in Huuhka, commented: “Daily work without a proper Internet connection is not an option. The working connections were absolutely necessary. Now the inbound and outbound traffic just works and nobody has had complains anymore.”